As a single mother I tend to have hobbies that are family friendly such as reading, drawing, crafts, going to cinema and concerts. I like tattoos, playing Nintendo Wii Guitar hero in lieu of any actual musical ability (pretty much suck at it too!), read all sorts of books, any genre any author and I like to draw or paint but am no Van Gogh.

Also, I note that I am probably about the only person here who doesn't attend a gym, and that should give me reason to pause, but the way I figure it, I am doing all you gym buddies a favour; my non-attendance means that there is always space for more of you fit/energetic/healthy folk - I'll just stick to building biceps by lifting chocolate to my mouth, thanks :):)

I honestly don't have any goals/aspirations - seem to be one of the very few people who doesn't have a long term plan. Material things do not mean much to me - I only need enough to provide for what my daughter needs/wants and I'm happy.

I am a very realistic person, so I cannot say that I am easy on the eyes (or the ears for that matter - very sarcastic); I am not good looking in the slightest - I am very, VERY overweight, wear glasses and never dress prettily. Make up totally bamboozles me and any attempts in the past result in me looking like an escaped psychotic clown! I am reasonably intelligent and my child will always be the most important person in my life. I am Scottish; born and raised just outside of Glasgow, but now live in Northern Ireland.

There is nothing unique or eye catching about me; I live my life the way I believe it should be lived, I don't subscribe to any faith or political agenda and totally respect everyone elses right to their own opinions whether or not I agree.

Music is one of the things I do enjoy, I can listen to pretty much anything (but will always love rock and RnB) - the exclusions to that ar

User Statistics

Gender: Female
Country: Northern Ireland
County: Lisburn
City/Town: Lisburn
Age: 37
Martial Status: Single
Body Type: Big and lovely
Can Accommodate: No
Can Travel: Yes
Smoking: Yes
Drinking: Yes

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