i;am an open and honest person i do not think that people need to refraine from telling others what they think of them why shouldnt i tell you when you piss me off or if i dont like you i do not wish to spend my time around people who want to hate on me and cause me stress in my life.

i;am a caring and loving person with the right partner and i love my cuddles and kisses and i do not feel inhibited to show my emotions in public dont get me wrong i wont start undressing you in the pub but i do like physical attention as i feel that it is a big part of a relastionship and shouldnt be restricted to when we are alone

i have a stupid sense of humour and i tend to laugh at myself alot i do truly believe that laughter can help in bad situations and at times preventing them...........

i do not go to the gym i havent got the perfect body and my skin isnt like porciline but i have a big heart and a even bigger a*** :)

men please take note its not good to write to some of us ladies and start to talk about sex on the second paragraph if thats what you are about i suggest you cancel your account and go on escorts r us as its not flattering at all....i will say though some of the females post pictures that do get you thinking of your man hoods and for all of them i do forgive you!

im not looking for a perfect man just someone who is honest and caring and would like to date and it does help if you are able to string a good sentences together xxx

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Gender: Female
Country: England
County: Peterborough
City/Town: Peterborough
Age: 34
Martial Status: Single
Body Type: Have some extra pounds
Can Accommodate: Yes
Can Travel: No
Smoking: Yes
Drinking: No

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