1)im not skinny- personally i think thats obvious
2)im not stupid and im not a bimbo so if your gunna message me with a fake profile picture then expect to be ignored.
3) im not a slut, im a single mum, but don't judge me by it until you've walked my path
4) i do smile a lot and sing all the time
5) i have an outrageous sense of humour and sometimes i laugh so loud people stare lol
6) if you want a decent convo. and a laugh well here i am
new experiences!!
maybe a relationship. who knows!

User Statistics

Gender: Female
Country: England
County: Somerset
City/Town: Yeovil
Age: 29
Martial Status: Attached
Body Type: Cuddly
Can Accommodate: Yes
Can Travel: Yes
Smoking: Light
Drinking: Not a Drinker

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